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    V zverejnenej prípadovej štúdii sa dočítate, či je možné so zamestnancom dohodnúť opätovne skúšobnú dobu pri pracovnej zmluve na určitý čas.***
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    V prípadovej štúdii sa dozviete, či je škola oprávnená vydať potvrdenie o návšteve školy aj rodičovi bez výkonu starostlivosti o dieťa.
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    NRSR schválila novelu zákona o dani z príjmov, v rámci ktorej došlo k zakotveniu inštitútu charitatívnej reklamy.

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NGO support in Slovakia - call for expressions of interest for NGO Fund Operator

Last updated: 12/09/2011 // The Memoranda of Understanding between Slovakia and the three donor states of the EEA and Norway Grants for the period 2009-2014 were signed in October 2010 and amended in August 2011. The EEA Grants (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) in Slovakia will support a €6,903,000 Programme aimed at strengthening civil society development and exclusively earmarked for NGOs, to be implemented within the next five years.

The Fund Operator for the NGO Programme will be contracted directly by the Financial Mechanism Office in Brussels. In order to establish the list of invitees, the Financial Mechanism Office is launching a call for expressions of interest to organisations wishing to apply for the role of Fund Operator.

The organisations shall be autonomous of government, with strong ties to the NGO sector in the country and with re-granting experience and financial capacity. Based on these criteria a final list, usually between 3 – 8 organisations shall be established. The selected short-listed organisations shall be invited to submit a full application and shall receive the specific Terms of Reference relating to the set-up and implementation of the NGO Programme in Slovakia. Expressions of interest may also be submitted as a consortium.

General information on the overall NGO Programme objective and outcomes can be found in the paper on Programme Area Funds for Non-Governmental Organisations. Information relating to general principles of the NGO Programmes can be found in the NGO Programme Guideline. These documents and further information on the EEA and Norway Grants are available on  .

Please fill in the attached expression of interest form should you be interested. The deadline for submission of completed forms to the FMO ( is 3 October 2011.

For questions please contact Ms Patrizia Brandellero at the Financial Mechanism Office at

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