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TS: Invitation & Call for Paper Proposals: The 21st NISPAcee Annual Conference 2013

We are pleased to inform you about the forthcoming NISPAcee annual meeting:

The 21st NISPAcee Annual Conference "Regionalisation and Inter-regional Cooperation" May 16-18, 2013, Belgrade, Serbia

The event is organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

Paper proposals are invited on the Main Conference Theme, General Session, or on the themes of the various Working Groups, which are announced for the conference:

Working Groups:

1. Working Group on Local Government

2. Working Group on e-Government

3. Working Group on the Civil Service

4. Working Group on PA Reform

5. Working Group on Internationalisation and Networking of Public Administration Studies and Civil Servants' Training Systems

6. Working Group on Public Finance and Public Financial Management

7.Working Group on Public Policy Analysis Development Issues

8. Working Group on Public Administration Education

9. Working Group on Administration and Management of Internal Security Agencies

10. Working Group on Good Governance, Human Rights and Development in Weak, Crisis and Post-conflict States

The Calls for Paper Proposals and the Online application link are available on the Conference page:

Applicants should complete an application form on the NISPAcee web (all in English) and input an abstract of a paper (maximum two pages - 3600 characters and attach the actual CV file (maximum 2MB).

DEADLINE for applications: October 15, 2012

Online registration for the event will be available from December 2012.

With best wishes,

NISPAcee Secretariat NISPAcee

Polianky 5

840 02 Bratislava 42

Slovak Republic

Tel/Fax: 421-2-6428 5557

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