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EaP Reality Check - Second Moldova Non-Paper

The Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC), Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) and the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC), together with their partners, are delighted to present the second non-paper on Moldova. This is part of our “Reality Check” project that aims to examine and enhance understanding of the supply side of the EU's Eastern Partnership policy.

The “Reality Check” is a policy review process that gathers insights from top domestic and international analysts, practitioners, diplomats and policy-makers, and covers selected Eastern Partnership countries, including Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, in order to discuss developments in these states behind the closed doors.

The process includes a Review Group of experts in order to compile a deep overview of factors influencing politics on the ground, both internal and external. A particular emphasis is placed on the independent character of the Reality Check gatherings and the Review Group to ensure an evidence-based and balanced policy advice. Under the aegis of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU (July-December 2013) the first such review was the Belarus Reality Check, enacted in Vilnius, Lithuania, in October 2012.

The second Moldova non-paper offers an overview of domestic and external trends that affect the situation in Moldova, as well as of the country’s progress in the reform process, and a look at the EU’s involvement in Moldova. The non-paper is available here.

The “Reality Check” initiative is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, the International Visegrad Fund, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Germany) and Pact (US).

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